BrandedApril 08, 2020

Go RVing

Lucky Tiger packed our bags and ventured to the great outdoors to shoot this spot for GoRVing. After renting an RV and driving 4 hours upstate (the route for taller vehicles is much longer, FYI), we ended up in Saugerties, NY, where we scouted a local campsite for our shoot. Our crew comprised of a mix of city-dwellers and upstate locals, who were ready to go bright and early the next morning.

The shoot itself went off without a hitch. Mother Nature was on our side, and the cast and crew exceeded all expectations. Don’t get us wrong, we love the city, but there’s nothing quite like breathing fresh country air mid-production. When all was said and done, we ended the trip with celebratory margaritas at the local Mexican joint!

The Dilemma

You know a project is going to be a hit when the entire crew has to muffle their own laughter during takes. This Scary Mommy original series is easily one of the funniest projects we’ve had the pleasure of producing. Pairing two participants together, we prompt them to discuss their views of various topics, from drinking to movies to cursing in front of kids.

And if you thought the discussions were funny, just wait til you see the challenges we’ve got planned for our participants. (You’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to open a bottle of wine!) Check out all the episodes on

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