January 07, 2020

Testimonial – Jen Laskey

Lucky Tiger is my go-to video production team. I’ve worked with them on multiple projects for different clients, including the award-winning Supertasters series for SevenFifty Daily. Marc is an outstanding director who brings creative vision, technical expertise, and high-quality visual storytelling to every project. He and his team are not only top-notch video producers, but they’re excellent communicators, strategic project managers, and talented professionals who deftly tackle each project with skill and enthusiasm, delivering the final product on time and on budget. They go out of their way to make talent feel comfortable on set. They’re detail-oriented in their editing, responsive to client needs, and they always maintain a positive attitude, which makes working with them a genuine pleasure at every stage of the production process.

Jen Laskey, Executive Editor, SevenFifty Daily