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DIYApril 08, 2020


We teamed up with Mattel and Fisher-Price to bring fun and simple DIY crafts to families around the world. From clay sculpting and science experiments, to baking and painting, these crafts proved entertaining and easy to follow (we definitely tried a few of them on our own time).

Our two-camera setup allows for full coverage of the crafting (one overhead and one straight-on shot), while integrating the products that inspired each craft. Visit Mattel, Fisher-Price, and Barbie on all social media platforms to watch and try these crafts out for yourself!

DIYApril 07, 2020


Crafting has never been easier, take it from us! Bluprint came to us to produce a bunch of instructional crafting and baking videos for their website and social platforms. Teaming up with some of the most talented makers and bakers in the industry made shooting these videos a blast.

Our personal favorite moments have to be shooting the beauty shots of each project (see the image above). We love creating dioramas for these final products to live in. Check out all the crafts on mybluprint.com.