DocumentaryNovember 17, 2017

Everyday Health

We were thrilled to be invited to develop this micro-documentary series about endometriosis for Everyday Health. Given that 1 out of 10 women have endometriosis, and those women often remark that information about the condition is extremely limited, we made it our mission to produce this series with as much important, relatable information as possible to reach a wide audience of women who may need it.

We spoke with three women living with endometriosis about their experience with the symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments pertaining to the condition. It was incredible to hear their stories of perseverance and strength despite the belittling rationale of much of the medical community. Some participants even brought their loved ones to discuss their roles in coping with endometriosis.

We also had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Leigh Rosen, an OBGYN with a comprehensive understanding of endometriosis. She provided expert information and advice for women living with the condition, and urged women to advocate for themselves if they believe this is something that they are experiencing.

It was a truly profound experience to speak with these powerful women about their experiences and learn more about the reality that they face on a day to day basis. For more information and to watch this series, visit

White House

Producing and filming an interview series with Michelle Obama at her office in the White House was nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Add to that a surprise appearance from her husband, Barack Obama–then President, who joined her at an event celebrating high school chefs’ award winning recipes, and you’ve undoubtedly topped our list of career highlights.

Of course she was as hospitable, natural, truthful and charming as we had always read and heard that she would be. We’ll never forget her kicking off her shoes before getting cozy on the couch for the more than hour-long interview. Until that day, I don’t think any of us new the meaning of the word Flotus. Bear in mind, this was pre House of Cards.

Below is a picture she kindly sent to each of us.



Secret service wasn’t quite as hospitable. I jest, they were actually incredibly kind. However, we had to check in hours before the scheduled interview to unpack every piece of equipment we had on the White House lawn. After a thorough examination by both human officers and bomb sniffing dogs, we were approved. We repacked and entered the building to get to work.

This was one production that none of us will ever forget.